Upper West Side

Upper West Side

Upper West Side






Installation Design



Upper West Side, New York




This wall-work interprets our current political cataclysm and challenges the idea of keeping out the “other”. The installation doesn’t function as a standard wall used to enclose spaces. Instead, it is fragmented with cracks to represent the literal and figurative fragility of spatial and cultural divides. Throughout history, walls have been built between regions, causing displacement and hostile propaganda among the people they stand between. These barriers generally don’t stand the test of time as territories change and ideologies between contrasting groups shift and sometimes unite. Walls become historical remnants of broken ideas, and the materials used to create them become re-appropriated.

This installation was custom-built to exist in a kitchen in an apartment in Manhattan, NY.  

Frosted Acrylic, lasercut MDF, LEDs, glass, aluminum, transformers

Custom orders available upon inquiry.

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