Studio S II office space with custom designed furniture and decor

We want you to have something unique. Something special that not everyone else has. And we know those things can be tough to find.

You’re different, and that’s something to celebrate. We’re different, too.


Materials and tools used by Studio S II

Our designs incorporate classic and futuristic materials and techniques to conjure a timelessness inspired by film and science fiction.

We work digitally and by hand to prototype our products out of our studio in Brooklyn, NY. All of our pieces are small-batch and customizable; you can choose among different materials and finishes to suit your desires.

Materials and tools used by Studio S II

We treat each project as if it’s alive. They become characters with their own backgrounds and narratives. We layer them with unexpected combinations of architecture, furnishings, and textures. Our spaces take you somewhere.

Concepts of Studio S II products


Hands working on a custom piece of decor

We aim to democratize the process of design through transparency. We want you to know what we do, how we do it, and how much our products cost without having to inquire.

You work hard and you should know precisely what you’re paying for.


We are a queer-owned business whose mission is to build an inclusive atmosphere through engagement and creativity. Come visit us. We’d love to have you!

Jeremy Silberberg and Erica Sellers pose in front of their interior designs

Studio S II was cofounded by longtime best friends and collaborators, Erica Sellers and Jeremy Silberberg. The two met at a party while pursuing their undergraduate degrees at RISD. Knowing a rare connection when he feels one, Jeremy asked Erica to lunch the very next day. Despite having already eaten, she obliged. It wasn’t until years later when Jeremy discovered that Erica ate two lunches that day; she knew a rare connection when she felt one, too.

In the summer of 2020, Erica and Jeremy were exploring what would soon become the site of their first gut-renovation. Knowing they shared the same vision, they left their jobs to start Studio S II.

Erica holds a BFA in Industrial Design from RISD and has a decade of experience in fine art. Her expertise includes 3D modeling, tech packs and fabrication development, and prototype creation.

Jeremy holds a BFA in Film from RISD and an MFA in Interior Design from Pratt. His expertise includes floor plan and program development, spatial visualization, and generating uncommon and custom objects and furniture.


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